'A' family coatings are urethane-acrylic polymers. As such they have excellent aging performance to heat and light conditions, humidity and accept color components with brightness and clarity. Adhesion is excellent to a wide variety of substrates (film, paper, cloth, glass). In the tighter versions the DEGREE xxxA coatings are inkjet receptive with good water resistance. Paint adhesion is superior for paint mask products. The A coatings are most ubiquitous in their applications.

'V' family of coatings are vinylacrylic polymers. Developing fast cure and good release performance against solvent and hotmelt adhesives makes these coatings the preferred choice for economical, general purpose paper tapes. The 'V' coatings can also be made to very 'loose' performance for low ATB values against aggressive adhesives.

'E' family of coatings are preferred for wide spectrum inkjet receptivity and rapid ink setting. The E polymers are among the first products useful in selfwound release coatings with this high degree of inkjet receptivity. Self-wound printable labels (postal readdress, indexed product labels) are now possible with E series coatings - eliminating the waste and cost of release liners!!

'F' family of coatings are fluorochemical release systems. These are used in medical, high repellent surfaces, and other applications where the cost of fluorochemical release can be tolerated.

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