Fluorocarbon Release for Solvent Resistance, Adhesion to Various Substrates, and Non-Building Performance against most Adhesives.

All DEGREE brand products are quality tested for adhesion to backing performance against control and/or test adhesives. The rigorous quality testing assures users of consistent release performance for their tape/label products.

DEGREE 90F coating is of moderate release performance - designed for use on film, tape or cloth substrates and against low-mid range aggression adhesives. The solvent resistance feature in the release coating helps prevent paper puckering or strike through from high penetrating solvent paints. DEGREE 90F coating can be diluted to low solids levels for economical release coating application (especially for smooth film substrates). At these low coat weights now only are the economics beneficial but 'roll build' (enlargement of tape roll diameters due to release coating thickness) concerns are minimized. Bright, clear coatings accentuate roll appeal.

DEGREE 90F coating is non-contaminating - avoiding machinery buildup and/or 'poisoning' of the tape adhesive.

  • Glossy Coating

  • Solvent Resistant

  • Moderate Temperature 'Curing'

  • Fast Drying

  • Performance at 'Monomolecular' Coating Weights

Customized Results are available for particular customer/tape/adhesive combinations. Providing your appropriate tape to our testing laboratory will assure quality testing in your particular release/adhesive combination. Consider other DEGREE brand products for label release, ink jet printable release, paintable release and other specialty tape and label release coating needs.

DEGREE brand products are offered without warranty. All customers are advised to assure the suitability
of their selected DEGREE brand product in their particular application.


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