Designed especially for bond papers requiring an ink jet printable release surface. Especially recommended for postal service readdress labels and 'Post-It' type packs for coupons, prescription pads, etc.

All DEGREE brand products are quality tested for adhesion to backing performance against control and/or test adhesives. The rigorous quality testing assures users of consistent release performance for their tape/label products.

DEGREE 40E inkjet/release coating is of moderate release performance - yet providing a writeable and ink jet printable surface. Typical uses would be consumer labels, self-adhesive paper stacks and writeable tapes. DEGREE 40E coatings can be blended with other DEGREE E products for tighter or looser coating needs. DEGREE 40E coating is silicone-free to avoid silicone machinery contamination and/or 'poisoning' of the adhesive.

Customized Results are available for particular customer/tape/adhesive combinations. Providing your appropriate tape to our testing laboratory will assure quality testing in your particular release/adhesive combination. Consider other DEGREE brand products for label release, ink jet printable release, paintable release and other specialty tape and label release coating needs.

DEGREE brand products are offered without warranty. All customers are advised to assure the suitability
of their selected DEGREE brand product in their particular application.


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