Release-Coatings Overview:

Performance is Our Mantra, and our release coatings are no exception to the rule! 

Our release coatings are a superior alternative to the traditional, silicone-based solutions on the market today.  In fact, SOLV's release coatings do not 1) migrate or contaminate adhesives or 2) leave ghosting residue on the surface of the coating, as is commonly found in most release coatings on the market today.  We specialize in helping you develop just the right Adhesion-to-Backing (ATB) levels based on your specific product makeup and chemical composition.

Our release coatings are specifically designed for a broad range of products, and we consistently research and develop new coatings for the following:

   ● Custom Adhesives
   ● Particular Substrates
   ● Application Equipment
   ● Creation of Self-Wound Constructions
   ● Other 'Release Surface' Performance, including:
      ٠ Inkjet Receptivity
      ٠ Paint Adhesion
      ٠ Solvent Resistance
      ٠ Water / Humidity Resistance

For additional specific information, please review our product-family guide.

Applications for Our Release Coatings:


A few of the applications for our Release-Coating products include:

  • Colored Tape are one of our newest and most innovative products.  Now, tape manufacturers have the freedom to match virtually any Pantone, effectively reducing large inventory and lead-time costs for colored tape products!  Absorption is also tailored to your product to avoid the "bleeding-edges" that would normally mar the aesthetics of your end-product.

  • Tape Products include including painters' tape, automotive tape, general-purpose tapes and masking films.

  • Self-Wound Labels to help reduce waste and cleanup from release liner disposal in manufacturing, packaging and assembly environments.




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