Choosing an AQUESize product for your application:

AQUESize products are all-organic modern formulations, non-Cr and non-F, to impart extremely high resistance to aqueous fluids.

Various aqueous fluid repellent treatments have been used in the paper industry over the last few decades. Some products like chromium complexes were, and still are, highly effective. The dangers to effluent waters from the highly valent and heavy metal composition of such chrome treatments have been a large factor in their decline. Fluorocarbon treatments can also obtain high aqueous fluid repellency though fluorocarbons suffer from high costs and their own environmental dangers.


Surface Repellency

Mixed Surface/Internal Repellency

Reactive Internal Repellency

High pH Baths

AQUESize 917

AQUESize 914

AQUESize 904

Low pH Baths

AQUESize 517

AQUESize 514

AQUESize 504

  • Improved particle size and consistency for:
    - Longer product storage
    - Size-press bath stability

  • Improved repellent character for:
    - More cost-effective treatment of papers
    - Higher performance papers

AQUESize 917 and 517: Back to Top
The Surface Repellent products would be chosen for highest Hercules Size Test (HST) values. In many cases the aqueous fluid will evaporate before the electrical connection in the HST apparatus stops the test. Infinite HST times are therefore obtained.  AQUESize 917 or 517 would be chosen for:
  • Butcher Papers (blood resistant)
  • Cookie Sheets (eases cookie removal)
  • Repellent Linerboard Treatments (water resistance)
  • Creating 'Duck's Back' Repellent Character

Learn more about AQUESize 917.

AQUESize 914 and 514: Back to Top
The Mixed Internal/Surface Repellent products are used where 'internal' fiber treatment is necessary and some surface repellency is also a benefit. These products are not simple blends, rather being designed as dual-function repellents from the earliest stages of the synthesis.  The dual-function features of AQUESize 914 and 514 are valuable for:
  • Footwear Components (toe caps, inner soles, heel cups)
  • Engine Air Filtration Media (wet stiffness, wet tensile)
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The Reactive Internal Repellent products are used where lowest Cobb values are desired. The high reactivity of the repellent components bond them permanently to the cellulosic fibers (wood, cotton, linen, rayon) for non-leaching, permanent repellency. Because there are no waxes in these products the risk of leachable components is low. The surface of treated papers usually remains printable and/or glueable.  AQUESize 904 or 504 would be chosen for:
  • Wallpapers (dimensional stability, wet and dry)
  • Sandpapers (dimensional stability, wet and dry)
  • Gasoline or Oily Fluid Filters (non-leaching)
  • Hold-out Improvement for High Value Top Coatings
  • (Release Coatings, Fluorocarbon Treatments, High Gloss Coatings)
Why AQUESize: Back to Top
AQUESize products have been designed and developed within the last 4 years. With decades of experience behind the chemists and application experts of SOLV, Inc, our scientists KNOW what features are of value and importance to our paper customers. Many of the existing repellent dispersions have been in the market for 10 years, 20 years and longer. While providing a level of repellent service these products are often designed on historic surfactant dispersions. The dispersing components can then mitigate the repellent performance or leave undesirable residues in treated papers or nonwovens.

We use:
  • Custom-designed polymeric dispersants of high inherent repellent character,
  • Combine those polymeric components with other repellent components and
  • Build consistent, uniform dispersions for best application in size-press processes.

AQUESize brand products are offered without warranty. All customers are advised to assure the suitability
of their selected AQUESize brand product in their particular application.


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