Designed for all substrates requiring HST or high surface-water-repellent character

Most useful where strong 'water beading' effect is desired. FDA compliant for 21CFR 176.170 where those FDA requirements are important in the finished article or process stream.

AQUESize 917 repellent dispersion is especially designed for aqueous fluid repellency character. The reactive repellent components create a strong surface repellency on the paper/textile/nonwoven structure. Some substrates are made so repellent water beads evaporate before any significant surface wetting or penetration occurs.

Apparel, raingear, filtration media and surgical/medical fabrics are end use articles benefiting from AQUESize 917 performance enhancement. Duck's back performance is the hallmark of AQUESize 917 treatments and is usually achieved with only 2-3% treatment.

The anionic character of AQUESize 917 dispersion lends itself to easy incorporation in most emulsion polymer systems. The combined latex-repellent system allows for economical 'one-pass' processing for bonding AND repellent application for many nonwoven or paper substrates.

Caution needs to be taken for the presence of polyvalent metal salts or if pH falls below 7.0.

  • Designed for high surface-water repellency needs

  • FDA compliant for 21CFR 176.170

  • Applicable to nearly all substrates

  • 'One-Pass' application generally requires only 2-3% treatment

If AQUESize 917 repellent does not exactly meet your repellency performance needs please consider other AQUESize dispersions designed for a) greater Cobb size (internal) repellency and/or b) lower pH application conditions.

Need a customized repellent performance?  Let SOLV, Inc develop an appropriate system for you.

AQUESize brand products are offered without warranty. All customers are advised to assure the suitability
of their selected AQUESize brand product in their particular application.


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