Aqueous Fluid Repellents Overview:
While SOLV's Aqueous Fluid Repellent products are suitable for a uniquely broad range of applications, most customers utilize our AQUESize products as low percentage additions to their size-press or saturation bath applications.

Customers also say they value AQUESize products for many applications, including:
   a) the improved liquid storage stability characteristics (no creaming or settling), and/or
   b) the fluid repellent performance requiring less AQUESize materials
       (lower formulation cost) in their treating solutions.

  • Non-Woven and Woven Manufacturing
  • Construction and Roofing
  • Consumer Products
  • Medical-Care Products

Applications for Our Aqueous Fluid Repellents:
Possible uses for our durable and performing Fluid Repellents are almost limitless! 
The following list offers some of the examples where our customers utilize the SOLV Aqueous Fluid Repellents:
  • Filter Media (pleat retention and wet stiffness for high performance air
    filtration media)
  • Wallpaper (enhanced dimensional stability, effective in both wet and dry
  • Sandpaper (high strength and durability in wet sanding conditions)
  • Butcher Papers
  • Labels (including self-wound labels)
  • Footwear Components, Rain Gear and Consumer Products
  • Medical Products (bandages, woven cloths)

For more information, see Choosing an AQUESize Product for Your Application.


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