Automotive and Auto Repair

Our release coatings are ideal for use in automotive preparation products, such as automotive masking tapes and protective automotive films.  Additionally our Aqueous Fluid repellents can provide effective protection for automotive masking papers and films. 

SOLV's Coating and Repellent products are commonly used as follows:
  ● Automotive Painting Tapes because of our solvent-resistances and no-ghosting properties
  ● Masking Papers alleviate saturation and overspray issues
  ● Protective-Coating Applications for durability and fluid repellency
  ● Body-wear and protective clothing for specialized uses, such as painting
  ● Filtration for pleat retention and repellency properties to extend filter performance 

Manufacturing and Packaging

Our products are uniquely useful in manufacturing environments, and typically reduce release-liner waste by providing the key ability to create self-wound constructions.  Additionally, since our coatings can be specially formulated for solvent resistance and ink-jet receptivity, manufacturing processes can be significantly streamlined through the use of our products. 

Typical uses within the Manufacturing and Packaging industries include self-wound labels and coatings which reduce steps within the manufacturing and design processes.

Painting and Masking

Like our Automotive-Industry products, our painting products can be used in tapes to ease the cleanup process by eliminating surface ghosting residue and migration while maintaining adhesion performance under varying temperatures and surfaces.

Our unique colored release coatings help reduce the costs of colored paper stock, and can be matched to nearly any pantone, in a broad range of papers and films.

In addition to specific adhesion properties and color-benefits, our coatings can be utilized to enhance paint adhesion.

Graphic Arts and Printing
SOLV's products are ideal for the graphic arts and printing industries.  With the unique "no-ghosting" properties of our release coatings, and the attributes of our fluid-repellent coatings, your printed graphics will shine!  Typical uses for Graphic Arts and Printing Industries include:

  ● Foils and Printing / Color applications
  ● Papers and Fluid Repellency
  ● Film and Delicate-Product protection

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